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Officers of Bloodlust

Goodlock./ by Viruz 20th November 11/09/12 2014 @ 5:15PM

We lost the castle because a officer was asked to make the forge and didn't decide he needed to make it till it was to late we waited in yny for 30 mins because the forge was not made. thats why we lost the castle. we had plenty of time before that stupid shit. hattori was the officer that didn't do his job or what was asked of him.


Done wasting time with casual farmers who get shit before all the core members of the guild done with all the drama done with leadership all but a selective few who actually give twoshits.

Freedich Battle / by Viruz 20th October 2014 @ 8PM

Having some fun at freedich Destorying a merc ship we are still recruiting for everything!

Bloodlust Recruiting / by Viruz 16th October 2014 @ 4AM
Hey folks, 

We're Bloodlust - a mature, close-knit PvP guild on Calleil-East looking to expand our family. First and foremost, we are just that - a family. We rely heavily on each other and we foster our relationships through team speak and frequent group activities.

Ultimately, we aim to have a working fleet for trading, but we operate heavily on the PvP spectrum as well. 

We prefer to have players level 25+ among our ranks, however, we're willing to make exceptions. If you're curious about joining, feel free to give any of these lovely fellas a ring in game: Badwolfe, Ripcord, Mortiferius.

We can't wait to hear from ya!