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Freedich Battle / by Viruz 20th October 2014 @ 8PM

Having some fun at freedich Destorying a merc ship we are still recruiting for everything!

Bloodlust Recruiting / by Viruz 16th October 2014 @ 4AM
Hey folks, 

We're Bloodlust - a mature, close-knit PvP guild on Calleil-East looking to expand our family. First and foremost, we are just that - a family. We rely heavily on each other and we foster our relationships through team speak and frequent group activities.

Ultimately, we aim to have a working fleet for trading, but we operate heavily on the PvP spectrum as well. 

We prefer to have players level 25+ among our ranks, however, we're willing to make exceptions. If you're curious about joining, feel free to give any of these lovely fellas a ring in game: Badwolfe, Ripcord, Mortiferius.

We can't wait to hear from ya!